Zig Zag

4-Day Training Program - 21st Feb. to 24 Feb 2022

Develop and establish your professional identity as an impactful leader to achieve your organization’s vision and objectives. Greentech Management Development Program will enrich your professional leadership skills, give an edge to your forward planning and will provide swiftness to act and think more conclusively and strategically

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Topics Covered

  • Role of a Bid / Tender Manager.

  • Preparing Pre-Bid and Questionnaires.

  • Difference between Tender, Bid and Contract.

  • Organize Bidding / Tender Team & Create a Bid plan.

  • Tendering/ Bidding & Bid Cycle to 'qualify' the opportunity

  • Deciding planning, storage, accumulation and upkeep of materials

  • & Many More Topics. 

What You Will Gain

  • ABC Analysis ♦ Inventory Control

  • ♦ Safe Material Handling Procedure. </