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Dana’s India operations earn coveted Greentech Foundation Award

The Delhi-based Greentech Foundation has been recognising achievements of both public and private sectors in corporate social responsibility, safety, and the environment since 2000. The non-profit recognises companies at the annual awards for putting sustainability into practice with initiatives that help the environment by minimizing the company’s carbon footprint. The awards also recognise those companies which use technology to their advantage while adhering to the values of the organisation.

Speaking on the occasion, Sandeep Khullar, Director of Dana’s off-highway and commercial vehicle business in India said: “Dana India channels its global sustainability objectives such as supporting electric vehicle development worldwide. As with our clients, we also strive towards making our plants and practices more sustainable. We at Dana India are happy that Greentech Foundation has recognised Dana’s perseverance in promoting a sustainable and green ecosystem by giving us the prestigious award.”


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