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Essar Foundation participates in the annual Greentech Sustainability & CSR Conference

Essar Foundation has always maintained that CSR initiatives by themselves will not achieve the desired result beyond a point. What is necessary from a corporate responsibility point of view, is to recognize opportunity and implement an initiative as part of a long term exercise. This ensures that a broader strategy is in place. The approach is beneficial to both the business as well as the community it interacts with.

Mr Ashwini Saxena, Director of Programmes at Essar Foundation represented the Foundation by participating as a speaker at the 16th annual Greentech Sustainability & CSR Conference 2015. The event was organised by Greentech, and held in Hyderabad. Mr Saxena presented an in-depth view on challenges in the implementation of CSR programmes and how they can be overcome with collaboration and long term strategic planning. He also chaired two discussions covering the various nuances of sustainability and CSR. Industry leaders from across the country participated in this well-designed and informative conference.

Greentech Foundation is a New Delhi-based non-profit organization, committed to recognizing and celebrating outstanding performance in the area of environment protection.

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