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23 Years of Success 

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Kamleshwar Sharan

Chairman & CEO 

Greentech Foundation 

The Most Admire & Top Honour Awards & Conference

Be part of #GreentechFoundation  as entrepreneurs, industrialists, professionals, and emerging entrepreneurs come together on a single platform to exchange ideas and invest in the future



Excellence Stamp

Greentech Awards are  the ultimate seal of  excellence, commitment, and innovation for game-changing industries & Institutions  strengthening the country’s system and paving the path for a better and brighter future.


Greentech Awards  motivates the industry, service sector and institutions  to higher levels of performance and accomplishment. The psychology of motivation is to initiate and drive goal . Awards undeniably induce and boost confidence, increase engagement, and fuel productivity. This in turn this creates an inspirating attitude to go higher.

It’s the journey that matters.

It feels great to be recognised and rewarded for the  efforts. It motivates and inspires to improve further. 

Worldwide Recognitions

We strive to put your awe-inspiring establishment in the world spotlight. Winning this prestigious accolade is your quickest path to national fame, glory, and brand recognition.


At the end of the day, it is the takeaway prize that continues the conversation. Awards are a commemoration that represents a celebration. More specifically.

Crystal Assessment Process 

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