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Greentech Foundation Successfully Hosts Inaugural Two-Day Global EHS Awards & Summit in Bangkok

Bangkok, [10/07/2024] – The Greentech Foundation is proud to announce the successful conclusion of its first-ever international Greentech Global EHS Awards & Summit, held in Bangkok from June 27-28, 2024. This groundbreaking event marked a significant milestone in the Foundation's mission to promote global advancements in green technology and environmental health and safety (EHS).

Over the course of two days, the summit attracted esteemed experts, industry leaders, and policymakers from around the world, fostering insightful discussions on the latest innovations, challenges, and opportunities within the green technology and EHS sectors. Participants engaged in a series of informative sessions, panel discussions, and networking opportunities, all aimed at driving sustainable practices and enhancing environmental stewardship.

A highlight of the event was the prestigious awards ceremony, which honored outstanding contributions and pioneering efforts in the field of green technology and EHS. The awards recognized the achievements of organizations and individuals who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.

The successful execution of the Greentech Global EHS Awards & Summit in Bangkok underscores the Greentech Foundation's dedication to fostering international collaboration and driving progress in green technology and EHS on a global scale. The Foundation looks forward to building on this success and continuing its mission to create a more sustainable future through innovation, education, and recognition of excellence.

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